www.Luminsolar.com – Domain sell

Luminsolar is formed from prefix ‘lumin(light)-‘ and noun ‘solar’. It’s easy to remember and meaning is very good more over pronouncing ‘luminsolar’ is very smooth so if you are involved in solar related business this domain has comparative advantage. And this domain is former solar panel manufactur company name located in Ontario Canada. Although currently seems to be in bankruptcy. You will easily find this domain history in google search. Last year I purchase this domain through domain broker at about $5,000. I’m not purchased this domain intend to resell at higher price. I’m very interested in renewable energy sector and solar energy applications so sometime later want to start solar related business. currently fail in investing forced me to resell this domain but I’m not want to sell this domain at cheap because this domain name is very good and renewable energy sector is explosively growing. It’s domain value will be more than $50,000 US dollar but  want to sell at about $3,000. Price negotiation is possible.

Currently, Web address http://www.luminsolar.com is redirecting to https://luminsolar.wordpress.com by domain forwarding service. Reason why using this redirecting is to save unnecessay hosting cost(at about $10/monthly) so you don’t have to doubt about it.

You can buy this domain directly from me through escrow service or participate in domain aution at https://auctions.godaddy.com/
Don’t miss this great chance. Thank you.

Contract:(e-mail) jungheewkd@gmail.com (tel) 82-10-8510-3037
* I’m prefer e-mail to cell phone because I’m not well in english speaking, I’m Korean.


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